What is a dummy cake?

Dummy Cakes are available for those brides on a strict budget. The design can be the same as any real cake, but is made using Styrofoam blocks. The insertion of a wedge of real cake is incorporated into the back bottom layer for the ceremonial cutting. No one except the bride will know it’s not real. Sheet cakes can be purchased and served to the guests. The sheet cake(s) can be made from a variety of flavors just as a real wedding cake would be offered. The price of a dummy cake is dependent on the size of the cake and the amount of detail.

Half Sheet cake, double layer feeds 60-70 people $85.00
Full Sheet cake, double layer feeds 80-100 people $115.00

Do you charge for delivery and set up?

Set up is included in the price of your cake, however depending on the distance to your venue, there may be a delivery charge applied to your order.

What size cake will I need?

The size of the cake will be determined by the number of guests you plan to attend the reception. You will need to determine if you want dessert size servings or reception size servings. Typically, reception size servings are used, but in some instances, the dessert size portions are served if the reception is small. This will be discussed at the time of the consultation. Cake Servings The following serving sizes are for regular dessert size servings. Wedding cake servings are different than dessert size servings and will be determined at time of consultation.

Cake Size


6 inch


8 inch


9 inch


10 inch

14 to 16

12 inch

16 to 20

14 inch

20 to 25

Quarter sheet

15 to 20

Half sheet

50 to 80

Full sheet

80 to 100

Can I mix flavors?

Yes, For tiered cakes, each cake can be a different flavor if you’d like. This option gives your guests a selection of flavors to choose from when being served.

If I want fresh flowers on my cake, do you order them?

No. Typically the desired flowers for the cake will be the same as the flowers in your bouquet or table centerpieces. We ask that you purchase the flowers with your florist and have them delivered to the reception hall on the day of the cake delivery. That way the flowers will match. When Gourmet Gateau arrives for set up, we will place the flowers on the cake at that time.

How much do you charge?

Our cakes are all different, so there is no set price. Size, complexity of design and flavors all determine the price. Once your design has been decided, Gourmet Gateau will then give you a price quote for you to approve. A small deposit will be required to hold the date for you. The balance will be due one week prior to the wedding.

How soon should I order my wedding cake?

Most brides plan their consultations several months before the wedding, and in some cases a year earlier. Gourmet Gateau needs at least 3 months in advance of your wedding to insure enough time to do the design work and order any necessary supplies needed for the cake.

Do I need to bring anything to my wedding cake consultation?

If you have seen a cake design that you like in a magazine, please feel free to bring it to the consultation. Also, if you have selected the colors and theme of your wedding, color swatches are helpful in planning your cake.

What is the difference between Italian Meringue and American Buttercream?

Italian Meringue is a delicious frosting made with whipped egg whites and butter, making a light fluffy covering which isn’t so sweet. This frosting does not hold up well in warm temperatures and could not be used for an outdoor wedding cake in extreme heat. The texture is incredibly light and fluffy, but the downside is that if you refrigerate the cake, the frosting must come to room temperature before serving, otherwise the frosting will be hard and unappealing to the pallet. American Buttercream is an all purpose buttercream that is made with confectioner’s sugar and a high ration shortening. This frosting holds up better in warmer temperatures than Italian Meringue. If you love a very sweet frosting, this one would be the one to chose.


Stenciling- this form of decoration is used on rolled fondant. A stencil is laid down on the fondant and brushed with powdered food coloring or luster dust. Once all of the colors are applied, the stencil is lifted leaving the design on the fondant.

Raised stencil- Similar to stenciling with the exception of using royal icing over the stencil, leaving a three dimensional design on the rolled fondant. The stencil is removed and the royal icing is left to dry to a hardened state. Once hardened, the design can be brushed with color if desired.

Lattice- a technique used for making a decorative edge on a cake. Chocolate is drizzled onto parchment paper, criss- crossing the lines. Once the chocolate hardens, the chocolate can be broken into pieces and stuck to the side of the cake. Nuts can also be chopped finely and sprinkled onto the chocolate before it hardens.

Common Terms

Ganache- An emulsion of chocolate and cream. Ganache’s can be used as a glaze which is poured over a cake. Thick ganache’s can be used as a filling.

Rolled Fondant- a sugar dough that is rolled out and used in covering cakes and pastries.

Swag- Rolled fondant is rolled thinly and then draped onto the side of a cake.

Gum Paste- a white modeling substance made from gum tragacanth or gelatin, water, glucose and sugar.

Jimmies and Dragees- small colorful sprinkles and beads used in decorating cakes and pastries

Rosette- Usually made of frosting or whipped cream, this decoration is piped onto the top of a cake or dessert

Royal Icing- A hard white icing made from egg whites, confectioners sugar and water (or sometimes lemon juice). Used in many types of cake and cookie decorating.

Cake topper- any type of decoration used on the top tier of a wedding cake.

What is ganache?

Ganache is a glaze made with chocolate and cream. The glaze is poured over the cake to give a delicious chocolaty coating. Ganache can be made with either white, milk or dark chocolate.